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X-Liso Keratin Qmax Kit | 3 X 100 Ml

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  • Naturally Straightening Kit: Specifically designed for natural hair straightening, providing sleek results without harsh chemicals. Maintains the hair's natural structure while imparting a smooth and silky texture.
  • Vitality and Moisture Balance: Improves the moisture content and electrical charge distribution vital for hair health.
  • Keratin.Qmax System: Utilizes the Keratin.Qmax system to restore areas where the peptide chain is compromised.
  • Peptide Chain Restoration: Targets regions of the hair where the peptide chain is weakened or breached. Works to strengthen and repair these areas for healthier, more resilient hair.
  • Smooth and Silky Results: Leaves hair feeling smooth and silky after treatment, without compromising its natural integrity. Provides long-lasting straightness while preserving the hair's overall health and appearance.





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  • Due to its low molecular weight, the exclusive Keratin.Qmax system has ease of penetration into the hair cuticle, providing shine, restoration, hydration and conditioning to the hair. It provides phytonutrients elements to repair the damaged cuticle. Form a protective film against external aggression . Gives strength to the weakened wire.


How To Use


  • Wash your hair twice with shampoo phase 1

  • Dry 80% of your hair with the dryer


  • Divide your hair in four sections to facilitate application, make a line from ear to ear and one from the front to nape.

  • Put in a plastic color bowl the following quantity of product (Keratin Qmax Phase 2) as applicable:

  • Short/Medium Hair = 40 ml

  • Long Hair = 50 ml

  • Extra long and voluminous Hair = 60 ml

  • Apply the Keratin Qmax phase 2 with a color brush and fine tooth comb (use plastic gloves). Select a section not more than half centimeter, apply all the hair from the roots to the ends(do not apply directly on the scalp).

  • Massage section by section to a better distribution and penetration of the product.

  • Let the product act for 30/40 minutes.

  • Comb your hair with a large tooth comb.

  • Use the flat iron section by section for 8 to 10 times (Select a section not more than 1 centimeter), flat iron temperature for healthy hair needs to be 230 degrees, for damaged hair up to 190 degrees.

  • Rinse well to remove all the Keratin Qmax from the hair.


  • Apply deep mask step 3, section by section on the hair, comb through the roots to the ends for 5 minutes.

  • Blow dry the hair without brush, you can use only the fingers or a paddle brush to style the ends

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