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Saphira Mineral Plus Mud Hair Mask | 200 Ml

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  • Revolutionary luxury formula for dry & damaged hair fusing an increased concentration of 26 minerals with glacial ice extract and volcanic ash.
  • Mineral+ Mud is a hair mask from the renowned brand Saphira, designed to provide intensive moisture and healing to both hair and scalp.
  • With a generous amount of 200 ml, you will receive a long-lasting and effective treatment that will transform your hair.
  • This hair mask is specially formulated to remove product residue and buildup while deeply nourishing dry and damaged hair.

  • It improves the hair's structure and balances the pH level in both hair and scalp,
  • It will give you healthy and well-groomed hair.
  • This hair mask helps to heal and provide a deep shine to your colored hair, allowing you to enjoy a radiant and vibrant hair color.
  • This mask absorbs pollution while gently exfoliating dead skin cells, leaving your scalp fresh and clean, thanks to the innovative Glacial Clay Technology.
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  • This hair mask is enriched with a luxurious formula that contains Glacial Clay Technology and mineral-rich glacier flour.

  • These ingredients strengthen hair follicles, rehydrate, and nourish the hair strands, resulting in more vibrant and fresher hair.

  • With an increased concentration of 26 minerals, including glacier ice extract and volcanic ash, you get a hair mask that truly lives up to its name.

  • You can now moisturize, heal, and provide a deep shine using Saphira Mineral+ Mud Mask.

  • Pamper your hair with this unique hair mask and experience the transformation it can create for your hair.

How To Use

  • Pour the Glacial Clay minerals inside the tube onto the contents of the Mineral+ Mud.

  • Use the provided spoon to mix the minerals with the contents of the Mineral+ Mud.

  • Apply a scoop of the mixture onto wet hair and massage evenly throughout the hair.

  • Wrap a warm towel around the hair and leave it for 5-7 minutes.

  • Rinse out using warm water to activate the healing minerals.


Note: 7 treatments can be done from one Mineral+ Mud container.