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Salon Perfect Eyelash Diva Fun Strip

Salon Perfect Eyelash Diva Fun Strip

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  • False eyelashes are a great and convenient alternative to eyelash extensions.
  • False eyelashes on the tape are easy and simple to place on the eyelid, in order to start working with them, long preparation and special skills are not required.
  • False eyelashes will give the image a complete chic look.
  • In addition, such eyelashes can be used repeatedly, which is undoubtedly convenient and profitable!
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  • You can choose eyelashes for any event: a natural line to create the most natural natural look, or choose glamorous false eyelashes with effects for the perfect smokey-eyes look, or Diva-series eyelashes with a ready-made decoration in the form of rhinestones.

How To Use

Make up, apply eye shadow, highlight the line of eyelash growth with eyeliner or eyeliner. Do not paint eyelashes with mascara.
Trying on false eyelashes. Carefully, with light pressing movements of your fingers, remove false eyelashes from the package. Apply the tape to your natural eyelashes, determining the required length. If the length of the tape of false eyelashes is long, cut off the excess length with thin manicure scissors (cut from the outer edge, where the eyelashes are the longest).
Applying glue. For false eyelashes, it is necessary to use a special glue that reliably fixes the eyelashes on the eyelid, while not gluing them together and allows you to remove the eyelashes very quickly for later use. Holding the tape of false eyelashes with tweezers (or fingers), carefully apply a thin layer of glue for false eyelashes along the entire length of the tape, paying special attention to the corners. The glue can be applied directly from the tube, or squeeze a small drop of glue onto a special stone and then, using a microbrush , apply the glue to the eyelashes.
Be sure to wait 30-40 seconds for the glue to dry.
Eyelash gluing. Be careful: false eyelashes are glued to the eyelid (as close as possible to the line of eyelash growth), and not on top of natural eyelashes! It is necessary to start gluing eyelashes from the center of the eyelid. Carefully place the tape in the desired place and fix the false eyelashes with light pressing movements of your fingers. Then place and fix the remaining ends of the tape.
At the end of the image, you can once again go over the line of false eyelashes with an eyeliner or an eye pencil. If desired, you can slightly color the eyelashes with mascara or curl them with the help of an eyelash curler, but these actions must be done only after the glue has completely dried.