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OPI File Sampler Pack | 6 Pcs / Box

OPI File Sampler Pack | 6 Pcs / Box

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Sample pack of 6 of OPI's most popular nail files.

6 professional board and buffer files are included in the OPI Nail File Sampler Pack to help you give your nails a polished, brilliant shine.

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6 of OPI's most popular nail files.

OPI files Eliminates flaws and prepares enhancements for high-shine buffers


Easy to use.


  • Edge Silver 150 - Delivers straight clean sidewalls.

  • Edge Silver 180 Cushioned - Contours shapes & refines scratches.

  • Edge White 240 Cushioned - Gentle for Natural Nails & Wrap services.

  • Flex Silver 100/180 Buffer - Reduces scratches and prepares enhancements for lacquer, resin & gel top coats.

  • Flex Silver/Moss 220/280 Buffer - Removes imperfections and prepares enhancements.

  • Flex Green/White 1000/4000 Shiner - Buffs enhancements.