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OPI Diamond Gel - Funny Bunny Builder | 30g

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  • OPI Diamond Gel - Soft White Funny Bunny:
  • Funny Bunny: A sheer but buildable white.
  • The second stage of the OPI Diamond Gel service.

  • A brand new system of multi-use builder gels.
  • Easy to use and Comfortable to work with.
  • Create natural looking nail extensions with ease.
  • Comes in different shades of nude that are adaptable to each skin tone.
  • Suitable for covering natural nails and sculpting.
  • Available in some of OPI's most iconic white, pink and nude shades.
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  • OPI GelColor was designed to offer you the same amazing nail polish colours you love in a long-lasting gel formula that will have you head over heels! OPI GelColor gel nail polishes offer you a pigmented and high-shine finish that will maintain your new manicure and pedicure looking freshly done for a minimum of 3 weeks.

  • High-quality builder gel designed for creating strong and durable nail extensions. With a weight of 30 grams, this jar provides ample product for multiple nail applications.

  • This builder gel is formulated with diamond powder, which adds strength and durability to the nails, making them less prone to breaking or chipping. The Funny Bunny shade is a classic, sheer white color that provides a natural-looking base for a French manicure or can be used on its own for a clean, polished look.

  • The OPI Diamond Gel is easy to apply and self-leveling, making it ideal for both experienced nail technicians and beginners. Its thick consistency allows for easy sculpting and shaping, ensuring that you can create the perfect nail extensions every time.

  • Whether you're looking to add length to your natural nails or create stunning nail art designs, the OPI Diamond Gel in Funny Bunny Builder is a must-have for achieving professional-quality results. Elevate your nail game with this high-quality builder gel that provides strength, durability, and a beautiful finish.

How To Use

Apply one thin and even layer of the Diamond Gel Base Gel.
Press the product into the nail with your chosen application brush (We recommend the OPI Artist Series Oval Gel Brush Size 6).
Don't forget to cap the free edges.
Cure under your OPI Starlight Lamp for 60 seconds.

Apply one to two layers of your chosen Diamond Gel Builder + colour of choice to create a solid apex.
For natural overlays we recommend only using one layer of the Diamond Gel.
A two layer application is required for longer nail extensions.
Cure under your OPI Starlight Lamp for 60 seconds.

Apply one thin and even layer of the Diamond Gel Top Coat sealer.
Don't forget to cap the free edges of the nails to seal everything.
Cure under your OPI Starlight Lamp for 60 seconds.