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OPI Absolute Powder Translucent Pink | 20g

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  • Enhance the natural beauty of your client's nails with OPI Absolute Powder in Translucent Pink.
  • This finely milled polymer powder allows your clients' healthy glow to shine while offering exceptional performance and flexibility for professional nail technicians.

    Key Features:
  • Healthy Glow
  • Unique Pigmentation
  • Effortlessly camouflages nail flaws, creating perfection.
  • Self-Adjusting Absorption
  • No Crystallization
  • Ultra-Fine Polymer
  • UV-Protected Color Lock™ Technology
  • Why You'll Love It:
  • Ideal for a variety of nail techniques
  • Impeccable Shades
  • Brilliant Pink, Translucent Pink, Makeover Pink, and Truly Natural.
  • Creates beautiful, natural-looking nails
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  • Allows your client's healthy glow to shine through. Unique pigmentation prevents yellowing.

  • Easily camouflage nail flaws and ridges with OPI Absolute Precision Color Powders.

  • Choose from seven impeccable shades to create the illusion of graceful perfection!

  • Absolute powder absorbs monomer quickly and efficiently, giving flexibility to work wetter for fills and overlays and dryer for free edge extensions.

  • Absolute powders also have a self-adjusting absorption rate. The product holds shape, won't run or flatten out, and leaves product with no crystallization.

  • Ultra-fine polymer powder Absorbs liquid evenly for smooth, effortless application.

  • UV-protected, Color Lock™ Technology Ensures consistent color fill after fill and prevents yellowing. Customizable shade range: Perfect White, Crystal Clear, Opaque Pink, Brilliant Pink, Translucent Pink, Makeover Pink, Truly Natural