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Novell Nail Bite Lacquer | 15 Ml

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Control and stop nail biting
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Nail biting usually leads to the skin around them getting irritated and infected. Ridging, Nail deformity and even nail loss can occur. A common bad habit at all ages that needs to be prevented.

Novell nail biting deterrent has a unique blend of all natural ingredients providing a bitter taste while it gives the right nutrients to the nails and cuticles, ensuring rapid healing of hangnails that are often a trigger for biting. It promotes the growth of healthy, beautiful nails in just few weeks.

Specially formulated to prevent the casual nail biting habits and thumb sucking.

Can be worn on top of colored polish, if desired

No Toxic Ingredients, Only natural ingredients - with Green tea extract to strengthen your nails.

To Smoothes the cuticles and promote Nail growth

Odorless - Colorless - No stinging- No Burning -No Staining