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Novell Artificial Fashion Nail Kit#16 | 1 Kit

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  • Artificial nails in perfect shine and perfect finish
  • Novell introduces an exciting range of Ready to wear Artificial Nails that give Salon like Nails in seconds !
  • With an Amazing shine & Perfect finish, these are sure to grab attention
  • Available in 14 exciting colors & trendy designs
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How To Use

Start with clean nails without any polish or oil. If required, file your nails. 1. Choose the correct nail size for each finger. If needed, file the sides for best fit. 2. Apply glue to the artificial nail. 3. Apply thin layer of glue to the natural nail. 4. Keep 45_ from cuticle and slowly lower onto natural nail. Hold firmly until set. 5. File and shape your new nails, as needed. Removal 1. Cut down the edge of your artificial nails. 2. Soak nails in acetone based polish remover until soft. Wipe away any remaining residue. Repeat as necessary. A Nail Glue Remover can also be used.