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Energy Cosmetics Hair Thickening System | Black | 1 Kit

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  • Energy Hair Thickening System for people who has hair loss and sparse hair problem.
  • Hair thickening system thickening Hair in 5 Seconds energy hair was researched by the International Research Center according to the human’s hair characteristics.
  • It adopted international advanced biotechnology anti-bacterial plant fibers containing additional extracts of traditional Chinese medicine recipes, with the development of luxury natural anti-hair loss products.
  • This anti-bacterial plant fiber is specially researched for the majority of Human hair loss and sparse hair, it will not hurt the scalp, non-blocking pores, with simple operation, it is convenient and safe , only 5 seconds there are the magical effects.
  • By using this product you will have bushy hair while can anti-hair loss, it’s the best choice for people who has hair loss and sparse hair problem.
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  • Energy hair enhancement fibers can be quickly and effectively improve the appearance of sparse hair. It can thick hair to reach the visual sense. With easy operation, you can have nice hair instantly, it's convenient and economical.

  • Energy hair enhancement fibers are plant fibers produced by the special antimicrobial process, which been cut into 0.7mm – 1.0mm, not hurt the scalp, not block pores, its very safe and can attached to the scalp or sparse hair naturally. Then use a special energy hair mist to shape it, it will not fall in case of wind or rain, even in sports. It is very popular with people with hair loss, and sparse hair (Please keep it dry)

Kit Box Contents:

  • Hair Fibers 25grams

  • Hair Mist Spray 120ml

  • Disposable Apron Mirror Instructional Leaflet