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Casmara Duplo Urban Protect Hands Cream + Lip Balm

Casmara Duplo Urban Protect Hands Cream + Lip Balm

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  • Hand Treatment: UrbanProtect Recovery Hand Cream
    UrbanProtect Recovery Hand Cream intelligently detects and acts on the most damaged areas, restoring them and providing extraordinary elasticity, while strengthening the protective skin barrier of the hands, shielding them from the effects of free radicals and contamination (pollution, blue light, and chemical agents).
    The result: Youthful, beautiful, soft, and protected hands.
  • Lip Treatment: UrbanProtect Recovery Lip Balm
    UrbanProtect Recovery LIP Balm is an intensive hydro-nourishing lip treatment made with organic natural active ingredients which instantly restore, beautify, and comfort, to provide full, plump lips. Furthermore, its extraordinary anti-pollution formula strengthens the protective skin barrier of the lips, shielding from the effects of free radicals, contamination (pollution and chemical agents), and photo-aging.
    Its texture melts on contact with the lips, providing an immediate feeling of comfort. Its subtle hint of rose gold color beautifies, enhancing the lips’ natural color.
    The result: beautiful, hydrated, plump lips.
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