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Indola PCC Hair Color Fashion

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  • Color: 
  • Range: Fashion
  • Permanent coloration delivers long-lasting and superior shine, great color retention, and coverage
  • Up to 70% white hair coverage​

  • Hair coverage on resistant hair
  • Long-lasting
  • Vegan formulas
  • Technology: Micro-dye molecules and amino acids ensure true color saturation and complete coverage, while our Cream Developer's cationic care agent nourishes hair for vibrant, healthy results.
  • Sustainability: Recycled & recyclable packaging, vegan & cruelty-free formulas, responsibly sourced ingredients, with a focus on palm oil.
    Duration: 30-45 minutes
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  • High-performing permanent colour in a compact assortment of intermixable shades.​

  • Delivering both permanent and demi-permanent ​

  • Long-lasting colour retention and beautiful shine​

  • Vegan formulas (formula without animal-derived ingredients)​

  • Up to 70% white hair coverage​

  • Mixing ratio 1:1

    Our laboratory specialists formulate solutions that not only yield exceptional outcomes but also address the practical demands of salon work.
    Micro-dye molecules and amino acids deeply permeate each hair strand, providing unmatched true color and complete coverage.
    The comprehensive benefits of this system are activated by the cationic care agent present in our Cream Developer.

    Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our recycled and recyclable packaging, vegan formulations free from animal-derived ingredients, and adherence to cruelty-free practices in line with EU regulations.
    Additionally, our ingredients are responsibly sourced, with a particular emphasis on achieving full transparency and traceability for palm (kernel) oil by 2025, contributing to sustainable forest management efforts.

How To Use

Mixing ratio 1:1
45g PCC + 45g Developer or COLOR TRANSFORMER

2% (7 Vol.) for refreshing slightly faded lengths and ends 6% (20 Vol.) for coloring same depth (tone on tone), darkening, covering white hair or lifting up to 1 level 9% (30 Vol.) for 2 to 3 levels of lift

Re-growth application / Dual application:
• Mix PCC shade with appropriate CREAM DEVELOPER 1:1.
• Apply PCC mixture to the re-growth area only.
• Leave to develop for 20-30 minutes.
• Then apply COLOR TRANSFORMER mixture to mid-length and ends and leave to develop for another 5-20 minutes.
• Total processing time: 30-45 minutes

Root retouch on resistant, coarse hair:
• Use PCC Intense Coverage shades on virgin bases.
• Mix 1:1 with 9% CREAM DEVELOPER and follow the general application rules.
• Leave to develop for 30-45 minutes. Or subsequent application, use Intense Coverage shade on re-growth only, and apply the equavalent ‚standard‘ shade on faded length and ends